Shareholder Disputes

As forensic accountants, our experience to quickly assimilate a situation and understand what has happened can complement those of your legal team, especially with our financial expertise.

Our services complement those of a legal team

There are many occasions in which a dispute between parties concerns money. In some cases the key areas involved can be complex and open to interpretation. Each side has a vested interest in presenting its case in such a way that maximises its position. But often their stated case can be incorrect and unclear.  This is where we can help!

KTS Forensic advise on the correct and clear presentation of claims quantum. When acting for the defence, we provide critical evaluation of a claim. We highlight critical areas that have the most material effect on quantum and describe their sensitivities.

Where a client’s position is not strong as was originally assumed, our advice can still prove valuable, because it is far better and less expensive for a litigant to know the true strength of their claim as soon as possible, rather than find out in Court. Our forensic accountants are experienced in quickly assimilating a situation and understanding what has happened.

Our services are designed to complement those of the legal team. We discuss each case and agree the precise terms of our appointment. When appointed under Civil Procedure Rules, we are independent experts. When appearing in Court or preparing disclosable reports, our duty is to the Court, not to any single party.

For further information regarding our forensic accountancy services or for a no fee, no obligation consultation, get in touch by email or ring 0292 082 9000.


Shareholder Dispute

We successfully advised a director of a medium size limited company wishing to sell 50% of his shareholding when he retired.

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